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  • Shane Hughes
    Mar 12, 2010
      Nocino is great but it takes more patience than other macerations.  As you note it takes at least a year to mellow out. Two years is better. More than that I've never managed to be able to try.

      Do the math on the alcohol.  if you start out at 95% ABV and end up with 40% ABV and it is an "Angel's Share" problem, you would have lost a large volume of the liquid and would have noticed this. If that is happening, install a better seal on the lid.  Saran wrap under the metal caps helps.  I do that just to minimize potential corrosion of the cap over time. 

      If you are not losing the alcohol (as measured by a volume reduction in the jar) then the alcohol is displacing and being diluted by the liquid in the walnuts.  Just a cost of the process.  I never check the alcohol content of the finished product just add well water and sugar syrup to suit my taste.  Viscosity could affect your hygrometer measurements but the only way you will probably ever know is to take a measured sample and boil off the alcohol, then measure again.  A terrible waste in my view.  I prefer to dip my tongue in 80 proof rum then dip it in the Nocino and try to get it about the same.  It always works.  After several iterations of this it all appears to have about the same proof.

      I do not squeeze the nuts (never a good idea - pun intended) but I will let them drain for awhile.  If you try to press the alcohol out, I recommend keeping the two liquids separate (squeezed vs. not squeezed).

      I've seen recipes calling for the Nocino to be placed in the sun and others calling for it to be placed in a dark place.

      I keep it indoors and even if I leave it in the sun (widow sill), It is not that hot inside and evaporation has never been an issue for me.  I don't think it matters much as the alcohol is extracting material from the walnuts and this process does not appear to be either sun driven or heat driven though temperature may affect the time it takes for this to happen. Alcohol is a solvent and it is most likely a solvent extraction process at play.  Any chemist who wants can challenge this simplistic view and I won't be offended.

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      In new zealand, walnuts are ready about 25 dec. I have made two batches, 08 and 09. The 08 batch started off quite foul, but as the months have passed, it has restored my faith. This is worth doing. 15 months on and it's developing wonderful complex flavouring and after taste. My problem is losing ethanol. I start off with 95% abv. After 30 days in the sun, both batches dropped to 40% abv, according to my hydrometer. The container for the first lot 08 had a glass 5 ltr jar with a plastic screw top. For the 09 lot I changed to a glass 4 ltr jar with an Agee or metal screw band and seal, determined to hinder the angels over indulging, but to no avail. I have taken my hydrometer reading after straining the Nocino ( no sugar added ) .Could it be too viscous and giving a false reading, or is this just the way of it, expansion and contraction with heat of the day. Some time ago, a member asked the same question but I missed the answer (nocino sylvaia 65 10-13-2008 ) Another question please, do you squeeze the walnuts for any nocino that may be left in the nut ? or is it best left alone. Regards Ion

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