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46038Re: getting rid of the burn

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  • gnikomson2000
    Nov 9, 2009
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "KM Services" <km_services@...> wrote:
      > I get the stuff from my local brew shop and is called Ezimix spirits
      > finisher I see from this link http://tinyurl.com/yepjbnn it is available in
      > Australia and is readily available here in New Zealand.
      > Ken Mc

      Hi Ken,
      Just looked at that site and again (for the 1000th time) I saw the prices of oak chips in OZ.

      Can you or anyone else explain why 100 grams of WOOD should cost $10 ???
      I'm all for free enterprise. I'll even accept that a little profiteering is part & parcel of the business scene. But $10 for 100 grams?? That's outright buggery and theft!!

      Here's the list...

      Spirits Umlimited Wilsons Whisky Oak Shavings 100g $9.95000
      Spirits Unlimited Jim Beam Oak Chips 100g $9.95000
      Spirits Unlimited Plantation Rum Oak Chips $9.95000
      Spirits Unlimited American Barrel Oak 100g $5.80000
      Spirits Unlimited Oak Flavour $9.50000
      Spirits Unlimited Jack Daniels Soakers 100g $9.95000
      Spirits Unlimited Toasted Oak $5.80000

      regards Harry
      (mumbles something about Ned Kelly being a gentleman by comparison)
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