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  • Anthony Athawes
    Oct 5 12:27 PM
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      Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 11:22 PM
      Subject: Re: NO REPLIES RECEIVED - Follow On!

      Thank you all for your kindly replies, though I unfortunately missed the the principle one on automatic formulla calculation. The CAPITALs were an unintentional mistake through leaving on the caps-lock - and I did apollogise, but I didn't want to re-type 4 lines.
      So the answer boiled down to looking in Tony Ackland's very helpful  treatise in "Home Distiller", under Distillation and then Dilution. I'd often seen it but had forgotten where.
      One of my questions is still un-answered. I distilled 7 x 500cc bottles, having ABV's of 68,65,65.55,50,48,45%.
      As I want a final ABV of 45%, should I simply mix them all together and dilute down? I have little doubt that the purists wouldn't agree with this and suggest adding water and re-distilling. The problem is that there is only 3.5 litres and I have a 10 gallon boiler (ex beer can) with the element 3.5" down.
      I have never seen anyone suggest a mini-still - say about a gallon capacity - but this seems a pretty obvious answer to small volumes.
      Comments please.
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