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  • burrows206
    Sep 2, 2009
      Hi shotman,
      Micio our resident Grappa expert designed and built a beautiful curvy well thought out hand beaten copper Alhambic or "still" back in 2008 and from the look of it, it has a firebox. At this link http://tiny.cc/4Hw6S
      Well he enlisted the help of a blacksmith what could you really expect but a coal fed boiler.
      The round sections if I remember were to slow the boiler vapour down and give it expansion room and the narrow bits had a Ventura effect by speeding it up onto the internal copper plates.
      I'm nearly sure he had a set of shallow hollow copper dish shaped plates on a threaded copper rod which he lowered into the column to give him his reflux plate area he needed. To me this still represents the typical Italian approach to all their engineering projects. They produce and like fast motors and they are designed to produce the goods in engine performance and road handling. But they also put a bit of style and beauty in the finished machine. This is just like Micio has done with his "Alhambic" still. It's a lovely looking still and does exactly what he designed it to do. To distill his beloved "Grappa"

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Shot Man" <shotman@...> wrote:
      > Thanks Wal,
      > Of all the places in the world out of country (I'm in the USA) Australia would be my first place to visit. That was a nice still they had made also. Wonder how a very small version of it would work for the home distiller? Has anyone actually made and use a plate still like it at home? My only problem would be that I might not ever come back....
      > Have a great day,
      > shotman
      > .
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