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45663Re: [Distillers] Bierschnapps

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  • Rasputin Paracelsus
    Aug 6, 2009
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      Now this is interesting.

      The very first thing I distilled was a honey brown beer I'd made the
      year before but didn't like much so never bothered to bottle....

      It tasted fine... though I did get a terrible hangover the next day from
      being enthusiastic and consuming too much (and also not redistilling it
      multiple times as I later learned I should have done, making cuts)


      Robert Hubble wrote:
      > Thanks, Robert.
      > Because it's distilled from a beer, I'm going to classify it as a kind
      > of German whiskey, but oddly hop flavored. I'm guessing it happens
      > when a batch of beer goes bad, and it's just a way of saving the
      > batch. That works well for wine, but I'm guessing not so well from
      > (hopped) beer.
      > I left Munich about 40 years ago, but I really loved those people.
      > Zymurgy Bob, a simple potstiller
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