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45651Re: Sarlanoix 16% abv

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  • waljaco
    Aug 4, 2009
      It looks like the Italian nocino - an infusion on green walnuts. Leave the walnut oil for your salads!
      -- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "burrows206" <jeffrey.burrows@...> wrote:
      > Hi lads,
      > There's a local aperitif here in Sarlat in The South of France it's called Sarlanoix it's only 16 % Abv but boy it's nice. Here's a link:-
      > http://tiny.cc/xRftk
      > I'm trying my hand at reproducing a similar 2 litre start up trial copy and as it's an aperitif made from walnuts "noix" meaning walnut in French. I'm rightly or wrongly assuming this aperitif is made from walnut oil. And will be adding a specified and as yet unknown quantity of walnut oil to the ½ litre of 95 % Abv alcohol. Will it chemically mix with this high % Abv without settling out? How strong a flavour profile is Walnut Nut oil? And will I need much as I have ½ a litre and can get more?
      > I know Virgin Olive oil changes and get more intense and it's flavour profile changes for the better when heated up to and above 100C. Would this also hold true for walnut oil?
      > I intend, if it is successful and if it blends to add caramel for a rich dark brown colour and a vanilla pod seeded and roasted in a little of the walnut oil for smoothness of taste that the hot oil with the vanilla will impart i hope
      > What do you think guys? I know most all of you have not, nor ever will taste this aperitif nectar but if I can crack this you all might be able to partake. I have found among all the visitors that come here. Men are the ones who take a shine to it most. So if anyone can help with any suggestions I would be really more than grateful and happy to try it out if I thought it would help
      > Geoff
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