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45526Shotgun design as a final condenser on a pot still

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  • harisaki2004
    Jul 7 9:18 PM
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      Hello group,

      Harry mentioned this some time back...

      Shotguns as a final condenser:
      Shotguns do perform better as final product coolers, where they
      replace the lower performing Liebig condenser design. But they must
      be angled at 45° to the vertical for correct product/coolant surface
      heat exchange. Think of them as a multi-tube Liebig and you get the
      picture. But again this usage is best where the final product is in
      liquid form before being fed to the final condenser. If fed as
      vapour, then you'll still get that old inefficiency problem because
      the length of the thing is too short and the vapour has gone through
      before full cooling/condensing can be achieved. The result will be
      lost product.

      Now I want to produce a pot still shotgun condenser using 1/4" tubes.

      The question I have is: Has anyone done the calculations or ideas regarding the minimum length of the tubes? Sure there are many variables however at a certain length all the tube will be doing is cooling a liquid not dealing with a phase change. The tube will have to do a bit of both of course. At the moment I am thinking 150 mm (6inch) would be OK.

      Any input would be most welcome.