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45358Re: [Distillers] Re: Cross-flow adaptation

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  • Rasputin Paracelsus
    Jun 2, 2009
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      Hi Harry,

      Quick and brief responses inline.

      Harry wrote:
      > There's a lot of "fudge factor" built in to a 2" crossflow.
      > Increasing the coolant flow volume is the easiest way of removing heat
      > and ramping up performance of any existing condenser. Because there
      > is little restriction/resistance in the crossflow's multi-tube coolant
      > arrangement (parallel flow), you can increase the coolant flow
      > considerably to suit the amount of vapor being fed in.
      Yes, I had consdiered this idea as well, as it was clear to me that in
      the Cross-flow the resistance was pretty low, comparatively speaking.
      > It's not unusual to have coolant flows of 6+ litres per minute in a 2"
      > crossflow.
      I seem to recall that was a standard figure in your design...
      > However, if for some reason you don't want to up the coolant flow, and
      > you want to design a larger one specifically for your volume &
      > velocity of vapour flow, then you could start by studying the
      > following basic math and parameters. It ain't as simple as people think.
      That, I know from all our past interchanges--which is why I asked the
      question. I'll be happy to study these equations somewhat (I started out
      in astrophysics but ultimately ended up in computer science... and that
      was 30 years ago almost; so I'll get some of it at least). But sounds
      like maybe the bigger condenser may not be necessary, so long as I
      increase the flow...

      That's helpful in itself. Thanks

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