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45355Cross-flow adaptation

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  • Rasputin Paracelsus
    Jun 2, 2009

      A while back I asked a question about setting up a VM on a 3" column
      rather than 2". There was some variance in opinion with regards to the
      constriction of the vapour for turbulence purposes. (I note this here
      only for the record, it's not really the focus of my question this time

      Supposing that problem were to be solved in an acceptable fashion--I am
      wondering about the Cross-flow condenser itself. Given that the
      cross-sectional increase is 2.25:1 (3-squared over 2-squared)

      * would I then want 2.25 times as much surface area in terms of
      coolant pipes?
      * if so, perhaps most simply implemented by using 2.25 times more
      pipes of the same size (smaller pipes yield greater surface area
      per volume than larger ones) and
      * presumably this would mean a correponding increase in pump power...

      (I assume I can sort out the question of the liebig adjustment without
      too much problem using the handy calculator on the homedistiller site...)


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