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  • jamesonbeam1
    Jun 1, 2009
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      Hi Lou,

      If you tell us what your using these enzymes for and what you trying to make, it might help.

      Your talking about pills for pancreatic enzymes - the major one being Pancreatin = (trade names Creon (Solvay), Nutrizym (Merck), Pancrease HL (Janssen-Cilag) and Pancrex (Paines & Byrne)) and is a mixture of several digestive enzymes produced by the exocrine cells of the pancreas.

      Pancreatin does have amylase enzymes in it which do break down the starches from grains into disaaccarides:

       "Pancreatin contains the pancreatic enzymes trypsin, amylase, and lipase. - The trypsin found in pancreatin works to hydrolyze proteins into oligopeptides; amylase hydrolyzes starches into oligosaccharides and the disaccharide maltose; and lipase hydrolyzes triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerols."  See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancreatin  - All of these are benificial to yeast budding and generation.

      A full English translation of your links can be done through Google or usually on the top toolbar that lets you translate to English. 

      Another alternative pill you might be able to buy for breaking down starches is called "Beano" - sold up here in all pharmacies in US which contains the alpha-galactosidase enzyme and alpha-d-galactosidase which also breaks down starch chains into disaccriades sugars that yeast can consume...

      As with any enzymes, you dont want to boil them with your mash  or else the they will lose their potency.  usually simmering in a mash at 150F to no more then 170F for 90 minutes or so, will cause the conversions - same way as mashing with malted barley.  See:  http://homedistiller.org/wash-grain.htm#mashing

      But please let us know what your trying to make.  Would be very helpful.

      Vino es Veritas,

      Jim aka Waldo.


      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "loulenz2002" <loulenz2002@...> wrote:
      > If anybody can read spanish, what do you think about this pill for enzymes. http://www.farmaciasahumada.cl/fasaonline/fasa/MFT/PRODUCTO/P313.HTM I'm in Chile, S.A. and i'm still waiting for my enzymes to come in from up north, so i'm trying to find something locally. Thanks,
      > Lou

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