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4491Re: [Distillers] Question about growing your own yeast

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  • Dick
    Mar 1, 2002
      In message <000001c1c076$791f1a80$16220b0a@administwflvyt>, Lars
      Norberg <lano1701@...> writes
      Hi Lars,
      >I was thinking, why can't you grow your own stock of turbo yeast at
      >home? I mean, yeast is just another microorganism, and if you put it in
      >sterile conditions with some nice nutrition, couldn't you just grow
      >large amounts of it at home then?
      It's possible to cultivate yeast but you always run the risk of mutation. I know
      some brewers repeatedly use successive growths of their yeast but I think
      I've read somewhere that to go beyond a 3rd generation you run the risk of
      producing a weakening yeast. All the distilleries I've visited seem to use fresh
      yeast for each fermentation.
      >It feels kind of stupid to pay like 3$ a pack doesn't it?
      Not really, $3 a pack compared with what we'd pay for commercial liquor
      doesn't seem too bad a price to pay, if our homebrew/distilling suppliers were
      to go out of business then there would be no where for the beginner to get
      bits & pieces & the hobby would die. Give our suppliers a chance, I've yet to
      meet one who is in the business purely to make a fortune !!
      Fra' Auld Reekie
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