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  • Sherman
    Mar 29, 2009
      I have had the best luck using this recipe for caramel.

      Simple Caramel flavoring
      This one is fun to do.

      Mix in a sauce pan, 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/4 cup lemon juice. I used the juice of half a lemon. Heat this on high until it is bubbly and dark brown. use caution because even though it is burning the sugar, there is a fine line between brown and burnt and it happens quite quick

      while it is still bubbling on the heat add 1 cup cold water pouring very carefully to not cool it off too fast. Stir until it is uniform and thin.
      It should be about the color of coke. It isn't very sweet though.

      There are some additional things to help out neutral or rum.
      this is two of my favorites.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "anthonyathawes" <anthony.athawes@...> wrote:
      > Making up Caramel was just about the only thing I got right in making rum.
      > I put the whole cupfull into a gallon of spirit. Surprisingly, it came out a touch sweet but not objectionally so. However, the colour, whilst being really good, was too strong, and I've determined to use half the quantity next time. (I suspect the heating process destroys much of its sweetness). Should be worth a few experiments.
      > Tony
      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "burrows206" <jeffrey.burrows@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi guys,
      > > To make a caramel colouring solution you basically, on a low heat, slowly reduce a high content sugar/water solution and the sugar in the solution starts to cook or turn brown or caramelizes as the water steams off.(watching and stirring all the time).
      > > My question is in order to change the colour of a clear neutral spirit. The amount of finished sweet dark concentrate caramel you would need to add to colour it to a nice amber colour, would this not also make it excessively sweet?
      > > Never having done this I don't know but I've thought about this many times because I know from experience that very little sugar on a teaspoon can make a bottle of wine sickly sweet. So what's the real deal in practice? Nice amber spirit but sickly sweet or what?
      > > Geoff
      > >
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