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4486Question about growing your own yeast

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  • Lars Norberg
    Feb 28, 2002
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      Hi all!

      I was thinking, why can’t you grow your own stock of turbo yeast at home? I mean, yeast is just another microorganism, and if you put it in sterile conditions with some nice nutrition, couldn’t you just grow large amounts of it at home then?

      It feels kind of stupid to pay like 3$ a pack doesn’t it?

      Of course, you probably need to buy the special nutrients that are used in the “turbo yeast packs” anyway, so the cost isn’t eliminated at all, but I guess with some research it shouldn’t be to hard to cook up those nutrients from some household products either, should it?


      Have any of you tried this? To me, studying molecular biology and such, it doesn’t sound like to hard a feat to accomplish, but I guess there is some kind of catch, otherwise, all of you would be doing it, right? :)



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