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44594Vapour loss from large shotgun condensor/condenser.

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  • harisaki2004
    Mar 2, 2009
      Hi Crew,
      on my POT still I have built myself a large shotgun to replace the
      leibig condenser.

      It has 17 x 13mm tubes of 225 mm long fed by a 11 litre per minute
      water flow. This will pull out 9 kW of energy, ie the water
      temperature increase and flow calculate to be 9 kWs.

      However I have noticed during heating up phase from about 60C and
      before the run really starts a steady stream of "fog" emanating from
      the condenser with the occasional drip. The coolant temp is about 25C.

      A few of questions.
      Is there a laminar flow issue with 13mm tubes? Does this condenser
      require more turbulence? How to reduce the amount of fog?

      best regards
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