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44232Re: Theoretical plates in a whisk(e)y still?

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  • waljaco
    Jan 7, 2009
      When gin drinking was suppressed in England the frugal Scots bought
      up the pot stills - some have/had a limited reflux in the manner of a
      Moor's Head still.
      The frugal Scots also use second-hand barrels to store their product!
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      > --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "waljaco" <waljaco@> wrote:
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      > > Most scottish whisky stills are ex-gin stills from England.
      > Are you talking pot stills or columns, Wal?
      > 50% of all Scottish pot stills are built by Forsyth's of Rothe. Pot
      > stills require the boiler to be replaced each 25 years, the upper
      > parts each 10-15 years.
      > http://www.thewhiskystore.de/experts/copper.htm
      > For a good description of the birth in 1955 (and subsequent demise in
      > the 1980's) of the experimental Lomond still of Hiram Walker, see
      > here...
      > http://tinyurl.com/7m48ta
      > "There are two main types of Scotch whisky, which in turn can be
      > combined to give further types. Malt whisky can contain no grain
      > other than malted barley, and is almost always distilled in batches
      > in traditional distilleries in pot stills. Grain whisky can be made
      > from unmalted barley or other malted or unmalted grains like wheat
      > and maize. It is usually distilled in industrial-scale continuous
      > column stills called Coffey Stills. There are currently around 100
      > active malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, with several more being
      > planned or built. This compares with just seven grain distilleries in
      > Scotland, though each of these has an output far larger than most
      > malt distilleries."
      > [Source:
      > http://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/usscotfax/ent/whisky.html%5d
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry
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