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44201Re: Theoretical plates in a whisk(e)y still?

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  • Harry
    Jan 5, 2009
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "waljaco" <waljaco@...> wrote:
      > Most scottish whisky stills are ex-gin stills from England.

      Are you talking pot stills or columns, Wal?

      50% of all Scottish pot stills are built by Forsyth's of Rothe. Pot
      stills require the boiler to be replaced each 25 years, the upper
      parts each 10-15 years.

      For a good description of the birth in 1955 (and subsequent demise in
      the 1980's) of the experimental Lomond still of Hiram Walker, see

      "There are two main types of Scotch whisky, which in turn can be
      combined to give further types. Malt whisky can contain no grain
      other than malted barley, and is almost always distilled in batches
      in traditional distilleries in pot stills. Grain whisky can be made
      from unmalted barley or other malted or unmalted grains like wheat
      and maize. It is usually distilled in industrial-scale continuous
      column stills called Coffey Stills. There are currently around 100
      active malt whisky distilleries in Scotland, with several more being
      planned or built. This compares with just seven grain distilleries in
      Scotland, though each of these has an output far larger than most
      malt distilleries."

      regards Harry
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