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44173Re: Feints ABV?

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  • castillo.alex2008
    Jan 3, 2009
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      Hey Bill,

      Yes, in fact I´m now single distilling because I´ve found that my
      distillate comes very clean, so no need for double distilling (maybe
      it was that way all the time, but never tasted the booze; the PSII is
      very efficient). This yeast is very good, produces many flavorful
      esters, and a clean distillate, also is a killer strain and is suited
      for tropical weathers like ours at the caribbean. I´m now in its
      fifth generation with the same excellent results. Now my cuts are
      (selected by taste) :

      Foreshots and heads: 100 ml. (50 ml. each, of course I don´t taste
      them, lol);

      Middle cut: you may go up to 2 liters (65 % ABV) with little or no
      tails (in rum making sometimes is good to let some tail go through)
      nice white dog´s flavor;

      Tails: 1 liter 55% ABV.

      Planning to add some DME for a "rumsky" (blend of rum and whisky,
      popular around here)



      P.D. I haven´t noticed those nasty off smells in the tails, so I´m
      currently doing an experiment in which I took the last two liters for
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