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44124Re: Feints ABV?

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  • castillo.alex2008
    Dec 20, 2008
      Hi Riku

      After months making double distillations (first stripping run and
      later spirits run) and after reading Smiley´s book where he states
      that many distillers (including himself) think that whisky is better
      with a single distillation (an good cuts) I experimented only making
      single distillations for both rum and whisky. I must say that the
      rum is a light one (i.e. sugar + molasses) and the whisky has been
      prepared using DME and Dextrose with (and without) mashing of peated
      malt. Happily I have found that my rig (PS II, Brewhaus) provides
      and excellent product with this single distillations, but collecting
      larger quantities of tails (these were identified initially by
      taste). My last results have been as follows (for whiskey):

      1. Whisky
      (dextrose: 2.5 kg, peated malt: 1 pound, DME: 1 pound, double

      Stripping: 3 lt. Low wines 60% ABV;

      Spirits: Foreshots: 100 ml.,Head: 100 ml.; Middle:1 lt. 81% ABV;
      Tails: 1 lt. 60% ABV.

      2. Whisky
      (dextrose: 4 Kg., DME: 2 pounds, single distillation)

      Foreshots + heads: 200 ml.;
      Middle: 1 lt. 70% ABV;
      Tails: 2 lit. one of 59% and the other of 47%

      3. Whisky
      (dextrose: 4 Kg.; DME: 1 pound, single distillation)

      Foreshots + Heads: 100 ml.;
      Middle: 2 lt. 65% ABV;
      Tails: 1 lt. 46% ABV.

      4. Whisky
      (dextrose 8 kg., DME 2 pounds, double distillation; two batches)

      Stripping: 6 lt. 64% ABV;

      Foreshots:100 ml.;
      Head: 200 ml.;
      Middle: 2 lt. 82% ABV;
      Tails: 1.8 lt. 67% ABV.

      I haven´t notice bad smell or so bad flavor for these tails and I
      aged these last 1.8 lt. of tails during about 1 month, great was my
      surprise when I found that it better than the aged middle cut, so I´m
      now aging whisky tails in order to see if this is can be repeated.
      Let me know if you want some results for rum. Sorry for so a long
      post, but hope it helps.

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