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43651Experiments (was) Re: Aerating you product / equipment heads-up

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  • mavnkaf
    Oct 1, 2008
      My thoghts mixed in Harry's post, Right or wrong. Please read to
      the bottom of this post.

      > >
      > I used clear silicone fuel tubing from Supercheap auto supplies

      I would not trust what Supercheap sells "as" good petrol grade fuel
      line. I have brought this stuff for years and it ALWAYS degrades and
      goes hard and cracks. As a ultralight pilot for the last 25 years.

      The best solvent suited tube I have found is sold from KEMPE VALVES &

      > It wasn't so much a rubbery "smell" I noticed. It was a "taste" of
      > burnt or hot rubber in the product as an aftertaste. When I

      > to a piston pump and copper lines, it disappeared. Mind you, a lot

      Harry, I've had many of these 12 volt car tyre pumps, there not good
      at all because of the petrol grease and dust. How did you conect
      copper tubes to the pump?

      > the aquarium pumps sold here in Oz are cheap taiwanese imports so
      > not surprised that the flexing of the rubber diaphrams (just 2
      > rubber buckets) would cause off tastes to be transferred to the
      > airstream and product.

      I thought the rubbing was on the out side of the cups?

      Anyways, it's something to be aware of if
      > you're setting up an aerator. If it happens to anyone else at
      > they'll know the cause AND the fix.
      > Slainte!
      > regards Harry

      I checked my fish tank air pump by taken it apart, (tonight)

      Holy crap, even with my nose stuffed up with cold and Hayfever I can
      smell tyre rubber!! But I can't smell it from the in side of the
      pump, out of the out put tube?


      Not so sure
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