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43488Re: cheap bourbon?

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  • rye_junkie1
    Sep 10, 2008
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Sherman" <pintoshine@...> wrote:
      > I'm not sure Elvis but I think Virgin Bourbon 101 is a Heaven Hill
      > product. Most don't know it but Heaven Hill is The US largest producer
      > of Bourbon. It Wholesales most of its production. Their economy brands
      > are column still productions with standard barrels and result with the
      > things you identified. They are just not distinctive enough to use for
      > prime grade products. For every prime grade barrel they have to
      > produce about 25 barrels. This leaves a lot to be "Disposed of" and
      > sometime nearly at a loss. Better no gain that a loss on inventory
      > taxes. They definitely benefit from the economy of scale. I think I
      > heard that they are now running 50K gallon ferments which require lots
      > of cooling.
      > When you produce on such a large scale there are bound to be a few
      > rough batches in the process. There could be issues as incomplete
      > fermentation, lots of heads or tails. These are not the best barrels
      > in the warehouse by an means, but it would be preferable to not have
      > to throw anything away.
      > I think they are filling a need by providing budget products that are
      > still not undrinkable. A little Coke and ice and you have an average
      > Bourbon and Coke at a price that the working man can afford. You never
      > can tell it might have even been on of those working man's hangovers
      > that caused a days production to be relegated to the bargain bin.

      I thought i remembered reading in the last "Bourbon county herald" I
      received that that new addition they put in would use an additional
      7000 bushels of grain a day. Thats alot of hooch.
      There was also an interesting write up on "the angels share" in that
      one where parker beam said that a 55 gal barrel of 18 year whiskey had
      lost product to the angels down to 25 gallons I believe. Or something
      like that.
      Would really like to get my mits on a bottle of the Rittenhouse Rye.
      Although I doubt if i could afford it. Maybe the boss will come
      through with it for Christmas. Scotts highland park 1985 last year.
      Yes they are good to me here.

      Proud member of the Bardstown Bourbon Society.
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