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43476Re: cheap bourbon?

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  • abbababbaccc
    Sep 8, 2008
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      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, mike karnowski <djpotpie@...> wrote:
      > While perusing my local liquor store's bourbon section with prices
      from $9 a 750 ml. to $100+ and got to wondering....since everything
      from the grain bill to the minimum aging time in specific woods is
      pretty much dictated by law, how do they make a "cheap" bourbon? Is it
      really just barrels that didn't turn out so hot so they market them
      under a lesser brand? cheers! -mike

      Cheap and medium priced ones come from continuous columns while high
      end stuff is pot distilled. Then there are differences in aging time,
      barrels etc. I don't think the raw materials have much to do with it,
      water may be an exception.

      Cheers, Riku
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