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43456Re: Any Canadian Busted?

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  • subsonic40grain
    Sep 3, 2008
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      > -What's the situation in the UK?

      The production of alcohol in the UK via illicit distillation is
      illegal full stop. Home brewing and wine making is not, provided you
      do not sell. No licence is required to make beer at home, although
      prior to 1963 this was the case. To sell you need a licence.

      In terms of prosecution for illegal home distillation, I seem to
      recall that the offence is a civil one as opposed to a criminal one
      (my memory may be wrong mind as this is not my precise field). That
      said, it would not be a good thing either way. I looked at the
      relevant page on the UK customs and for those who wish to see the
      full English version paste the link below into your browser. Next
      time you tip a dram you may well appreciate the other 'effort' that
      went into producing it! i'm not sure if the law in Scotland is the
      same mind. If anyone REALLY wanted to know more I could find out,
      but the bottom line is that its illegal.


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