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43448Re: [Distillers] Any Canadian Busted?

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  • Rob Macrobert
    Sep 2, 2008
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      My partner and I were going to be down $7500 in APPLICATION fees, and the requirements before applying make sure you can not legally apply.
      You must have a facility, fully set up and ready to run, for inspection of equipment and process before a license is granted.
      You can not legally set up that facility without having the license that legally allows you to own "...a device, or mechanism, for the purpose of distillation of alcohol by application of  heat, cold, vacuum, or any other method....".
      That last part I'm paraphrasing from memory.

      Every other requirement is equally contradictory.

      New Zealand, here I come..


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      I <> asked <> a similar question over a year ago now and he didnt seem all that
      concerned about the Canadian situation. Apparently he is not even
      required to keep records of his Still sales. Those guys here in the
      US do which is one of the reasons I decided to build in the beginning.

      Right and wrong are most often governmed by local custom. One regulator may have a blind eye and another a telescope. If you want to have a commercial manufacturing enterprise which advertises and plays by the rules then you can sleep better at night. I understand that the fee to register a manufacturing site for distilleries is about $3500 in Canada, but don't quote me.



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