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43178Re: Hello and I am New to the group

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  • rye_junkie1
    Jul 12, 2008
      > To: Distillers@...: vipond50@...: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 20:01:54
      +0000Subject: [Distillers] Hello and I am New to the group
      I do not really plan at this time to consume thefinished product, but
      may change my mind relating to this, but veryinterested in looking at
      this as a Fuel source.So any kick in the right direction would be very
      much appreciated.Thanks in advanceBill

      Hello Bill,
      You may want to try one of the yahoo fuel groups. If you cant drink
      it we dont usually talk about it. Hit him with a link Jim.
      When you decide your ready for consumption we have your back.

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