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43167Re: [Distillers] DIY purist Whiskey starter pack ... what do I need ?

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  • Derek Hamlet
    Jul 11, 2008
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      At 04:52 AM 7/11/2008, you wrote:

      >I've only recently (ie. two weeks ago) tasted what I consider to be
      >pretty darn nice Whiskey (Johnny Walker Green) and I'm now keen to
      >try more (inc. J.W. Blue and everything above it) and at the same
      >time experiment with making my own. I'm 33 and haven't ever really
      >been a big drinker but something made me take the plunge and buy a
      >bottle of 'Green' and WOW it blew me away so I can't wait to taste
      >all the others :) It was just so smooth and it didn't have that
      >harsh sour 'kick' that I found J.W. Red to have, I was very impressed
      >to say the least.
      >So, after spending a few hours reading up on Tony Acklands amazing
      >little (read: HUGE) site
      >(<http://homedistiller.org/>http://homedistiller.org/) I'm even more
      >keen to get myself setup to start experimenting with making my
      >own ...

      Welcome. I'm sure you will get lots of advice on this subject.
      But, do keep in mind a few salient truths. JW green, blue, etc. are
      expensive because they are crafted by skilled people with a hundreds
      year old tradition.
      Plus the aging process which give the product that amazing smoothness
      has been sitting in barrels under very strict conditions for years and years.
      Most greedy home distillers are not willing to wait 10-15 years to
      find out if they've produced the nectar of the gods.
      Notwithstanding that, it's a facinating hobby and you really can make
      pretty good stuff.

      "The Whole World is about 3 drinks behind"
      -Humphrey Bogart
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