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43166DIY purist Whiskey starter pack ... what do I need ?

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  • steveandbelle
    Jul 11, 2008
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      I've only recently (ie. two weeks ago) tasted what I consider to be
      pretty darn nice Whiskey (Johnny Walker Green) and I'm now keen to
      try more (inc. J.W. Blue and everything above it) and at the same
      time experiment with making my own. I'm 33 and haven't ever really
      been a big drinker but something made me take the plunge and buy a
      bottle of 'Green' and WOW it blew me away so I can't wait to taste
      all the others :) It was just so smooth and it didn't have that
      harsh sour 'kick' that I found J.W. Red to have, I was very impressed
      to say the least.

      So, after spending a few hours reading up on Tony Acklands amazing
      little (read: HUGE) site (http://homedistiller.org/) I'm even more
      keen to get myself setup to start experimenting with making my
      own ... but it's got to be from absolute scratch ie. no added
      flavours, no tricky stuff, just pure grains all the way (if that's
      possible for a very novice beginner like me ?!?!)

      I'm not a fan of stuffing around with half-hearted setups and
      currently have the cash to really get stuck into things like this in
      a semi-serious way so before I lose that ability (lose my job because
      I keep turning up drunk, have kids etc.) I'd like to invest in a nice
      little setup to make decent Whiskey from scratch. I've seen the
      Portugese Alembic Stills from a link on Tonys site and I'm very
      impressed as this is what I think I need but my question to
      anyone 'in the know' out there is what do I REALLY need to setup a
      fully blown still kit to create 'J.W. Green' type results ? Would
      one of these Portugese stills be the way to go or am I just getting
      carried away ?!?

      Any advice is welcome so fire away and be sure to include absolutely
      EVERYTHING I'm going to need too ! I'm only VERY new to this (two
      weeks old in fact) but I think I'm going to become quite passionate
      about it as I'm a bit like that with things (Virgo you see).

      Thanks guys ... oh, and Tony there might be a bit of a donation to
      the 'I-need-to-take-my-wife-out-to-dinner' fund in it for you too as
      your website is incredible !! I haven't even got a 10th of the way
      through yet but WOW it's really opened my eyes. Thanks.
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