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43150Re: Universal sugar mash mark III

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  • Andrew
    Jul 10, 2008
      > riku wrote:
      > <SNIP>
      > As far as fermaid and nutrients go, I
      > find it easier to just buy a pack of
      > turbo yeast. I may spend a bit more
      > but I get it all in one package and
      > I don't have to experiment. Sugar
      > mash for me is the source of pure
      > ethanol. As most of us are using
      > reflux stills the purity is not that
      > important as we can concentrate and
      > remove all those congeners and
      > higher+lower boiling point alcohols.

      I use fermaid-k and ec1118 so I don't
      have top put up with the product made
      from turbos. The lower cost is just
      a bonus.

      I have just purchased some uvaferm43
      and some goferm-protect to see if that
      can help things out even more.

      Have not had time yet to do those
      experiments though.
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