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43101Re: [Distillers] Re: Universal sugar mash mark III

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  • keith cottrell
    Jul 5, 2008
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      I tried the universal  sugar mash and I turned out the my worst tasting  spirits ever! I have been having problems with my mash and nutrients lately so I tried the miracle-gro It did work as putting out fast ferment time and the amount of alcohol. But it taste bad ran it through my reflux still  and all my good stuff come out tasting like heads but my temp didnt change from 170 till the heads starting coming out and they tasted worse. I havent had a batch taste this bad in the 2 years of me distilling. Is there any other suggestions for cheap nutrients? I cant afford the fermaid K anymore. oh I cleaned my still after the first run and cooked the stuff off again and it tasted the same so its not the still.

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      For a sugar wash you need some suspended matter to distribute the
      yeast through the wash - maybe the mashed tomatoes provide that. I
      think turbo yeast is designed to act in suspension mode and does not
      flocculate easily.
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      > > Gudday,
      > >
      > > As the quest for ultimate simple sugar mash goes on I started yet
      > > another version. This one is really simple:
      > >
      > > 5 kg sugar
      > > 3 tbsp fertilizer (garden variety)
      > > 2 packs of fresh bakers yeast
      > >
      > > Starting SG at 1070 and 25 liters in total. I added fertilizer untill
      > > the pH vent below 6, it's now in between 5.5 and 6. If the
      > > fermentation does not go well I'll add some tomatoes to the mash but
      > > this experiment shall give us an idea whether extra proteins are
      > > needed or not.
      > >
      > > Cheers, Riku
      > >
      > I had almost forgotten this experiment. Took SG today and it was 1060,
      > not good. Took a can of tomatoes, pureed them and mixed to the mash.
      > It foamed considerably while stirring. This mash is now basically a
      > MUM so let's see if it starts to work as it should. If not I'll try
      > pitching some more baker's yeast.
      > I think it's safe to say now that some source of proteins is indeed
      > needed for a mash.
      > Cheers, Riku

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