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43079Re: Mike McCaw & Ian Smiley

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  • Harry
    Jun 30, 2008
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, joe giffen <joegiffen@...> wrote:
      > Hi Harry,
      > Matthew, Mike & Ian are not you . they each are selling something,
      which is why I wanted you to represent the distillers.
      > Regards
      > Joe

      Yes, I understand the cynicism, Joe. We've seen in recent times &
      other groups a lot of people pushing their own barrow (remember the
      molecular sieve?).

      However I do believe that Matt, Mike & Ian are people of the highest
      integrity. The Mikes have been with these groups since their
      inception,guiding the less experienced , well before I came on the
      scene. They have always offered unbiased advice during the early
      years when quality info was very hard to find.

      Now they have their collective time taken up with business and in
      Mike Nixon's case (Mike McCaw's partner), with health issues, and we
      don't hear from them so much but that's understandable.

      I don't begrudge anyone turning their hobby and passion into a
      respectable livelyhood. More power to ya if'n ya can, says I.

      Becoming a commercial trader is not a crime. It's the proliferation
      of outright bias, bullshit and sucker-punching by a few shifty
      characters that I can't take. Here's a blatant example to illustrate
      what's wrong with our hobby image...these guys should be

      I will expose such people as frauds whenever I run across them.

      However Matt, Mike & Ian have never to my knowledge ever shown ANY
      tendencies toward unscrupulous or biased dealings. In fact I'd bet
      my life on that one.

      regards Harry
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