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42056Re: Continuous Still Design - With Head Removal

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  • markabolton
    Apr 1, 2008
      That's certainly the way I would approach a project like this. Build
      the hardware after having studied a bit of theory and then run it
      using manual temperature control etc. After getting a feel for how the
      thing would perform optimaly then I would build the interface and
      write the program.

      It's just that all the photoprocessing equipment I have ever worked on
      is far less delicate in the variables that it needs to deal with but
      they are invariably process controlled.

      Thank you for the tips on the A ERC etc an Yes I will do a seach since
      it is an age since I designed a machine controller and the systems
      were very diffent then .

      The interface circuitry hasn't changed much though.

      Regards MArk
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