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  • duds2u
    Mar 1, 2008
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      I've got me a pot and I've got me a couple of Bok's. Pot is for
      whisky (no "e") and Boks are for neutral.

      However, in saying that there should be no problem in making
      flavoured spirits with an insulated unpacked column with any of the
      Bokabob designed still heads. You just have to make the right cuts.
      I haven't done it but I cannot see why you could not.

      The reason I say insulated unpacked column is because you want to
      reduce the reflux to retain the flavours. Remember, that with a still
      output of over 80% ABV you lose most of the flavour. I have a 400 mm
      column on my pot still and I insulate that because I double distil
      and am looking for flavour in my whisky's.
      Mal T.

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "rye_junkie" <rye_junkie@...>
      > Hello Peter,
      > I am not familiar with the 2 cup design but I am with the slant
      > design and making whiskey with it. Jim is correct. Ditch the
      > packing. It strips most if not all of the flavor and you will never
      > get the output ABV below 90%. The packing causes too much reflux.
      > you have a needle valve to control output and reflux, set it to
      > 10-15ml/minute for your spirit run. This should result in an ABV of
      > 78-82%. With proper use of the needle valve it is possible to
      > 75-80%abv in a single run without packing you just have to collect
      > very slowly and pay very close attention to your cuts. I have found
      > that 2 runs is the way to go.
      > Mason
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