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  • jamesonbeam1
    Mar 1, 2008
      Welp Hot Dang Larry,

      Guess that blows everything ive ever know about pot stills, and got to
      gits me one of them thar stills your using. Guess I also have to
      forget everything ive learned on HomeDistillers too - especially on
      still purity and Tony's calculator at

      http://homedistiller.org/pot_calc.htm ....

      Dang, used to rely on that sucker all the time, cause it tells me 20
      liters of 20% abv wash will give me 1166 mL of 67% abv in 20 minutes,
      whereas 20 liters of 2% abv wash would only give me 679 mL of 15%
      20 minutes.... Guess Tony dont know nothin about pot stillin' either

      Vino es Veritas,

      PS. Larry, forgets what ya know about reflux stills and read up on
      pot stills :):):).

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Larry Collins <larry@...> wrote:
      > At 04:13 PM 03/01/2008, you wrote:
      > > Depending on the abv of you mash and input temp, your stripping
      > > should only run about 50
      > >to 55% for the low wines (least my little pot still does.)
      > %ABV of the mash isn't related at all to %ABV of the output.
      > A 2% mash would produce the exact same output percentage as a 20%
      > The 20% wash would just make ten times as much, but at the same %
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