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41055Just Following In Our Founding Father's Footsteps.... (Re GRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

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  • jamesonbeam1
    Dec 5, 2007
      George Washington's Distillery Being Recreated

      George Washington: First President of the U.S. and a Major Distiller

      Everyone knows that George Washington is called the father of his
      country. But few know that after his service as the first president
      of the new republic, he became one of the new country's largest
      whiskey distillers.

      Washington erected a 2,250 square foot distillery in 1797, making it
      among the largest whiskey distilleries in early America. In 1799, the
      former president produced 11,000 gallons of whiskey worth $7,500,
      making him one of the most successful distillers. $7,500 was a very
      large sum of money in 1799.

      After Washington's death that year, the distillery fell into
      disrepair and later burned to the ground.

      Almost 200 years later a team of expert restoration architects,
      carpenters, archaeologists and historians is taking on the
      extraordinary challenge of authentically recreating George
      Washington's distillery using 18th century building techniques and
      historically appropriate materials.

      Prior to the site's reconstruction, the team extensively researched
      colonial-era agricultural and industrial sites in order to integrate
      18th century distillery design with construction techniques of the
      same period, according to restoration architect James Thompson.

      "One of the biggest challenges was that this building is going to be
      a working distillery," Thompson said. "We took the results from the
      archaeology and projected upwards to reflect what was actually there
      in the 18th century. As the project was developing, the ongoing
      archaeological investigation at the distillery site was continually
      informing us as to how the building worked."



      MOUNT VERNON, Va. - After a nearly 200-year hiatus, George
      Washington's still is bubbling again, churning out the same sort of
      rye whiskey that made the Founding Father the nation's most
      successful whiskey producer in the years after his presidency.

      Washington's Mount Vernon estate on March 30 officially opened a $2.1
      million reconstruction of Washington's original distillery on the
      exact site where it was located in 1799, a few miles down the road
      from his famous mansion overlooking the Potomac River.

      Mount Vernon officials hope the distillery will illustrate
      Washington's prowess as an entrepreneur. The estate also won special
      legislation this year from the Virginia General Assembly to sell
      limited quantities of the whiskey — up to 5,000 gallons a year — to
      give estate visitors a taste of alcohol history.




      Vino es Veritas,
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