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4047Re: [Distillers] Please clarify for a newbie

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  • G&N
    Jan 4, 2002
      Yes in Mike Nixons new book he says that there is no methanol in a sugar
      based wash ....if there was it would come out before the acetate anyway so i
      think you can be sure that there in no methanol in your final spirit..


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      Sent: Friday, January 04, 2002 2:50 PM
      Subject: [Distillers] Please clarify for a newbie

      > Many sources I have read suggest that methanol is either produced in
      > very very small amounts or not at all when using just plain sugar,
      > water and yeast to make a wash. Do I still need to worry about the
      > potential of there being methanol in there? (I dont wanna die, me too
      > young to die)
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