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40120Re: Stainless Steel Pure Grain StillI

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  • pint_o_shine
    Aug 7, 2007
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      I finished it and I did the commissioning run last night.
      I charged it with 26 liters of 14% mixture of water and high proof
      from a previous run that I was not satisfied with the flavor.
      After It reach equilibrium, a measured the max takeoff. It was
      50ml/minute. I poured what the contents back into the boiler.
      I closed the valve and allowed it to equalize again. I started taking
      off alcohol at 95%. It stayed there for the first 3 liters taking it
      off at a rate of 5ml/minute. 10:1 reflux removed all the flavor. I was
      very satisfied with the results. It took a half a liter to get all the
      milkiness out of the watered down spirits. After that it was real nice.

      The sight glass proved to be nearly worthless. It fogged up
      immediately. After the volume of vapor picked up a bit I was able to
      look between the droplets and see the level in the holding pool enough
      to tell it was draining back down the column correctly. I was also
      able to verify the volume of vapor did not interfere with the liquid
      flow downward.

      I took some pictures after I got it cleaned up from the first run. You
      can view then at

      I will run it a bit faster whenever I get some stripping done. I am
      anxious to get 50 liters at 45% to run. I bet it will not need so
      much reflux then.
      Let me know what you think about the finished design. I modified the
      original plans to fit my available materials. It is much easier to
      operate than my previous attempts. At least I don't have to climb a
      ladder to adjust things and work with the water hoses.
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