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39894Re: thanks harry and answer to matt

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  • plumbondude
    Jul 2, 2007
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      Yeah I was thinking about that. Hey whats the name of the place on
      the south coast I go back home down the coast every weekend.
      Thanks for that link too tony.

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      > > Snip
      > How critical do ya reckon it is to have
      > > american white oak?
      > >
      > g'day,
      > As has been already mentioned, American White Oak is very critical
      > flavour your product. Other wood varieties have been tried with
      > varying success. Obviously some timbers can be eliminated right
      > as being unsuitable due to undesirable smells and/or differing
      > aromatic compounds contained therein. I live on the South Coast of
      > NSW and we have a timber merchant here that stocks imported timber
      > for the craft furniture and cabinet makers in the area and he has
      > American White Oak and often it is possible to get small pieces
      > him at very reasonable cost. I suggest that you have a look in the
      > phone book and try to track down a timber merchant in your area
      > does a similar kind of business. ..
      > hope this is of help to you ....regards
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