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39560Re: problems with a simple sugar mash

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  • sourkrout8165
    Jun 4, 2007
      im using a yeast slurry i use 2 to 3 packets 5 grams and i start it
      about 2 to 3 days before i make my mash and then i add it to it. my
      yeast nutrients is fermaid K i add a gram for every gallon what the
      label says. when i add my yeast it only takes about a day for it to
      start to bubble the airlock. i dont know about the O2 it could be but
      i didnt boil every mash it was my first experiment after my first 3
      mashes had the same problems. the temp. around here has been in the
      80's and at night the 70's. should i try a fish aerator in the mash
      for a few hours before i add the yeast?

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Trid <triddlywinks@...> wrote:
      > --- cadence22003 <cadence22003@...> wrote:
      > > sourkrout,,good start,, but if i could add to both TRID and HARRY'S
      > > excellent advice
      > >
      > > i'll bet my new porsche,,[i wish ] that your wash is not warm enough
      > > and more likely although you are adding yeast and nutrient no-where
      > > near enough is being pitched
      > My money is on oxygen and pH...mostly O2.
      > > 5 x weeks to attenuate ? struth !!!
      > Allowing the yeast to multiply madly in the first day or so makes
      all the
      > difference in the rate at which the ferment occurs. Yeast can only
      consume so
      > much sugar per critter. More critters, higher rate of consumption.
      What you
      > pitch is only the beginning, not the total amount yeast that you're
      trying to
      > put to work.
      > > what is your temp. ? and of course it is best kept constant
      > >
      > > what weight in grams [or ounces]of yeast are you pitching ?
      > >
      > > what weight in grams [or ounces] of yeast nutrient are you pitching ?
      > >
      > > please tell us a little more about the yeast and the yeast nutrient
      > >
      > > have you considered molasses as an alternative to yeast nutrient ,,say
      > > a ratio of 25 % molasses to 75% sugar
      > >
      > > your mash bill ratio at circa 12kg sugar to circa 50 litres of water
      > > is well inside "tidy" ratio
      > Seconded...all valuable details to the process. I had no idea there
      were so
      > many possible variables when I first struck out on this hobby.
      > > those links in harry and trid's replies are invaluable use
      > > them-congratulations on choosing distilling as a hobby ,,better than
      > > building an ant farm
      > I will confess to having an odd liking for ant farms :) I just fear the
      > possibility of them getting out in my house *twitch*
      > > don't skimp,,,,,,,skimps are nasty bastards of animals they come back
      > > to bite you,,,and the pain and agony is usually in the hip pocket ==
      > > OUCH !!!!!!!!!
      > This is a double edged sword. After you get a few batches under
      your belt
      > while improvising (versus "skimp"), it will make a noticeable
      difference when
      > you apply that part of the experience to doing subsequent batches
      all the way,
      > without improvising. You may not get a stellar result now, but each
      run is a
      > building block to subsequent improved batches.
      > > keep up the good work and thankyou for getting my brain out of the
      > >
      > > brian
      > Likewise,
      > Trid
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