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39090Re: Condenser cleaning

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  • Harry
    Apr 5, 2007
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, Trid <triddlywinks@...> wrote:
      > Concerning a number of prior posts questioning their cloudy
      spirit, often the
      > suggested culprit is tails left over from the previous batch. If
      this is the
      > case, then wouldn't this dictate discombobulating the
      head/condenser between
      > each and every spirit run such that tails don't contaminate the
      > batches? However, it doesn't quite add up...would this also
      > commercial pot still setups to thoroughly clean their stills
      between all runs?
      > I just can't imagine that allowing any kind of efficient
      business. Are tails
      > really such a contamination potential? Do sufficient heads rinse
      the tails
      > gunk out maybe? Perhaps it's too much of the tails-y heads in the
      > ...or am I just being neurotic? :)
      > Trid
      > -neurotically yours

      You're gonna give your brain a hernia, Trid. :)

      The simplest method of keeping condensers clean between runs
      is...household white VINEGAR. It's not strong enough to eat away
      your copper, but it does keep it REAL shiny.

      At one time or another I've used Liebigs, coils and crossflows.
      Assuming you have made them so they can be detached, do this...

      Liebigs: Plug the outlet end with a cork. Fill the tube with
      vinegar. Plug the other end with another cork. Store it until

      Coils and Crossflows: Drop them in a bucket of vinegar, enough to
      cover the condenser completely. Put a lid on the bucket. Store
      until required.

      It only takes overnight to remove any residues in the condensers.

      In all cases, RINSE WITH FRESH WATER BEFORE USE, as the vinegar will
      turn blue (Sweitzers reagent, not really dangerous but I wouldn't
      drink it).

      Cleaning is that simple.

      regards Harry
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