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  • Harry
    Apr 1 4:53 PM
      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Smith"
      <smiththomas9263@...> wrote:
      > Hi Harry,
      > I have been monitoring these emails and it seems you have a lot of
      knowledge. I have a question. I make straight corn washes and the
      end product comes up bitter. I think I am not clearing the wash well
      enough. after straining through a nylon stocking and letting settle
      over night in 20 degree weather the top half is somewhat clear but
      the bottom half has the consistency of pancake batter. does any
      body have any ideas on filtering this. perhaps a sand swimming pool
      filter or a centrifugal filter to clarifiy this for stripping. any
      information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
      > youngblood

      Centrifuges work...expensive.
      Sand filters work.........messy, time-consuming.
      Decanting into 20 lt pails & freezing works...I often do this, but
      then I've got the facilities.
      Time works....probably the best option of all for amateur stillers.

      If you don't open the fermenter, you avoid the possibility of
      infections. Then you can just leave it sit for a week or so before
      distilling. Two benefits of this...
      1) The yeast will go dormant & drop out (which is what you want).
      2) The beer gets a Diacetyl rest (look it up). Beneficial to final
      taste & quality of spirits.

      regards Harry
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