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3885Re: column packing

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  • ywfbi
    Dec 12, 2001
      > made by hydor,
      > called hyker,
      > used as fiter media,
      > inert ceramic cylinders,
      > highly porous structure,
      > offers a large surface area,
      > absolutely non-toxic....
      > what does everyone think???????

      Dont know what happened to my last post but here goes again.....

      Your definatly on the right track, however the are a few things we
      need to consider. Firstly to lower the HETP we need to increase
      the 'avaliable' SA. That being the amount of surface that is 'wet'
      and avaliable for vapour to interact with it.
      The problem here is that the majority of the SA of this packing is
      inside the pourous structure, which being so fine is not avaliable.
      Think of a fine sponge, when wet it holds alot of water. Where does
      the water go? Inside the pours. Once they are fill there is no way
      for vapour to interact with the liquid inside unless you squeeze it
      out first (try blowing through a wet sponge). Saying this I would
      expect no improvments over a simalar non pourous material. Which
      would have the advantage of being easily cleaned. Those pours will
      trap pretty much anything you put in there.

      If you want to lower your HETP (which of course we all do) I would
      suggest sticking with S/S, but along the same lines as you were
      thinking, I would make it finer. There is alot of SA to be gained by
      using very fine S/S turnings. Heres another thought, if you increase
      the diameter of your coloumb (within reason) you can pack more S/S in
      whilst either increasing or retaining your current level of
      fractional voids (lessen the chance of flooding). The advantage here
      is that you can lower the HETP rather than adding height and another
      beer crate to read the thermonitor! I know height is the easist way,
      but the roof has to be considered!
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