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3883column packing

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  • voodoo_klan
    Dec 12, 2001
      ok friends i'm currently going for a second round of opinions
      heres my origanal posts

      keep in ming that i am currently using ss pot scrubbers...but always
      interested in upgradeing

      heres my origanl post

      dear friends

      as i was walking around Petsmart in the united states i came across a
      medium that i thought would work perfect as column packing. if
      anyone has any suggestions or concrerns about safety or anything else
      please email back.

      found the corporate website for the product although not too much
      info on it. about the same amout thats on the box. please write back.


      made by hydor,
      called hyker,
      used as fiter media,
      inert ceramic cylinders,
      highly porous structure,
      offers a large surface area,
      absolutely non-toxic....

      what does everyone think???????
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