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38679Im wheated up!! what do i make??

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  • Ian
    Mar 1, 2007
      Gidday folks!
      I just got given aprox 30kg of wheat! and a heap of molasses! 
      I'm chuffed!! :)
      From what I understand the wheat its good quality and fairly fresh,   Came directly from a wheat farm and it was in the "good stuff" pile,
      I want too make something nice with it so I can give a few bottles too the kind person who grew (and gave) this lot too me!,
      I have had a quick search and I cant find any "high wheat" recepies, except the "Apfelkorn", Which is blended with apple juice?
      ,Is there something nice and easy for me too try?
      If i distill "just wheat" and bring it off at 80ish % Will it have a nice flavor?  Or just taste like a metho vodka? :)
      I'm guessing the only real thing I can turn the molasses into is rum!,  Ive had mixed results making rum, And have discovered that if I do a "molasses/water/yeast" mix its almost impossible too distill!,
      Even mixing in large amounts of butter, I can only distill 5l at a time in my 25l boiler, and 10 tops in my keg boiler, It almost explodes with a super thick froth!  upsetting too see black shit spew into your hard earnt clear booze!!!.,.   Ive found a little way around this, I do a 50% sugar/molasses mix!  Works a treat!
      Any help of suggestions would be fantastic!
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