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38136Re: [Distillers] Re: okra gumbo

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  • Link D'Antoni
    Jan 1, 2007

      Trust me on this one...You are in good company. My
      sanity has been questioned by some fairly intelligent,
      educated, and discerning people. Maybe there is
      something to the rumors after-all, huh?!
      As far as linage...I am not but married into a Brit
      family. Such is life. After 30something years, I still
      have trouble with the humor. Let's see... 10 minutes
      of 'Mr. Bean' or fresh Road-Kill. :-) Which is easier
      to stomach? (rHQ)

      A (US)Southerner joke:
      There is big difference between a Northern and a
      Southern zoo. In the Northern zoo the animal habitat
      shows the common and the scientific name.
      Southern zoo shows the common name and a recipe!

      I shall take your recommendation and open one of my
      finest to celebrate the new year. Perhaps my 1999
      corn on Am White Oak.

      Cheers old chap and Tally ho,(or something like that)


      --- subsonic40grain <subsonic40grain@...>

      > Oh, Chicken and sausage
      > work in lieu of road kill. Seafood gumbo is
      > wonderful
      > also. Link
      > Link - you are crazy! Roadkill? are u in the UK???
      > ;-))


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