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38135Re: okra gumbo

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  • subsonic40grain
    Jan 1, 2007
      Oh, Chicken and sausage
      work in lieu of road kill. Seafood gumbo is wonderful
      also. Link

      Link - you are crazy! Roadkill? are u in the UK??? ;-))

      Harry, all this talk about onions makes my eyes water! But, (scuse
      the capital B and starting with a 'But'), the info you posted about
      ethanol and our wives and kids probably went farther than you thought
      it might.

      My wife is from the south, (Marseille) and generally they are very
      cautious with alcohol when pregnant, as she was when carrying my
      daughter Calypso Ciara. But, (again) I will be telling more people
      about your post than I might have.

      Harry, I tip one of Zyurgy Bobs finest to you. It is probably not an
      easy thing to post something like you did, but take heart - there was
      one I told, then another that they told, then another one of the one
      I told who told someone else, and so it goes on - all thanks to you.

      It's a very very good thing I think? A good way to see in the New
      Year. So, guys and gals lets tip one of our finest. To Harry.

      Slanlat! Cead meille failthe!

      (Spelling probably incorrect due to old Irish Mother a bit tipsy on
      my hooch!!!) Hey you guys, you can google it! Subsonic.
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