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37867Re: Can anyone post their experience with 3 inch / 76mm diameter columns

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  • abbababbaccc
    Dec 5, 2006
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      Reduced quality using larger columns have been shown in practise. I
      don't know whether anyone have actually written about it.

      My writings about ARC can be found at
      20Listings - Simple low cost stills

      The internal sensor pipe has several advantages and is thus
      recommended. You can use plans for smaller diameter column and make
      measures a bit larger in proportion. Just make sure you won't
      encounter flooding, i.e. calculate things according to the power you
      plan on using.

      Cheers, Riku

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "mavnkaf" <mavnkaf@...> wrote:
      > Surya and Riku, both of you mention a reduction of purity, that
      > I seemed to have missed in my reading, can some one point towards
      > some thing I can read about this issue? I wrong most of the time
      > but I don't think I seen it at home distiller?
      > To Riku, as I have mentioned, I like the ARC setup but where can I
      > find more detailed info that will match a 3" column to a 3 " set
      > I'm abit confused about the inside sencer tube compared to outside
      > one. I have got admit that I have not read/found all the reading
      > stuff relating to this subject, sorry.
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