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37841Re: [Distillers] Re: BBC E-mail: 'People's vodka' urged for Russia

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  • John Wheeler
    Dec 2, 2006

      It's hard enough telling people that you do trust.  Part of the issue that I've run into is that a lot of folks don't realize that it's not precisely 'allowed'.  So, they bring it up in public conversations...  That tends to lead to (for me) a few uncomfortable silent moments....  It's not like someone'll ask you how your pot plants are growing in a public setting.


      On 12/1/06, Andrew <andrewm1973@...> wrote:

      Nah - I still make more money from the
      speed lab in the bathroom and the hydro
      setup in the laundry than I do from the
      still in the shed.

      But you have to have the setup in the
      shed just for the customers.

      They are getting more demanding and want
      a one stop shop for all there needs :P

      (I hope people realise this is a joke)


      > Ian wrote:
      > <snip>
      > more profitable too own a 20l still then a drug lab! haha.. jokes!

      >> Tyler wrote:
      >> Where i'm at, i can go down to the store
      >> and get a bottle of vodka for $6.50. That
      >> is about the same price for a value meal
      >> at a fast food place.
      >> <snip>

      >>> someone else wrote:
      >>> <snip about peoples vodka>

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