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  • Ian
    Nov 29, 2006
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      Get a big drum!..  44gal alike!,   Add sugar/molasses + water etc,   Get 2-3 little redwine yeast packets for $2.50 each
      Chuck them into a 25l fermenter, with a little sugar/molasses/water (less per volume then the big batch),
      drop in the yeast..  give it a nice big stir!,  add a fishtank air pump,  Let this cruise over night,

      Wake up nice bright an sparkly!,  Notice your 25l wash is going crazy as a coconut!,

      Dump all 25l into the 44gal drum,


      let that cruise for 6? hrs!   By then it might be a bit warm!..  if it is,  Wet your girlfriends best beach towel,  Wrap it around the 44gal drum holding it on with occy straps!, Add a pedestal fan,

      walk past it every day or so for a week,  if its hot, add water too towel!

      give it another week..

      add too pot still,
      Holey arsecakes batman! Its rum!!!!
      moral of my story, Stop being fussy!  Ignore what packets say, just dont go crazy with sugar!

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