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37528Re: [Distillers] Re: What proof is preservative?

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  • Robert Thomas
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Hi TB,
      By swabs I meant for cleaning surfaces etc, so your point about
      glyceline/ol is important: you will end up with dermatitis otherwise,
      if you're not lucky.
      I need to check my data (micro book has walked off the shelf). Ethanol
      at ca 50-60% is optimal (relying on memory here) because:
      1. it evaporates quickly
      2. higher % dries the bug cell membrane, but doesn't enter the cell to
      kill it. just add water and you have reconstituted bugs!

      phenol is often added to hand wash (if it smells horrible, you've got
      phenol in it). Short of mercury based sterilants (where's my hat??)
      phenol is among the best biocides.

      I wouldn't use meths as this is absorbed through the skin: not a
      problem for the occasional spillage, but regular hand washing with it
      is not clever! Plus, higher alcohols are more effective (hence the
      common use of isopropanol).

      Now, where's that book gone.....

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      > wrote:
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      > . Alcohol as a sterilant swab is usually ca 50% (higher is actually
      > less effective, for reasons I won't go into).
      > big snip
      > >
      > > Cheers,
      > > Rob.
      > >
      > > Hi, Rob, hi folks,
      > In our food business careful handwashing is essential, and we
      > currently use antibacterial soap solutions.
      > > A fairly recent innovation in hospitals is alcohol based (not sure
      > if it is used as a 'hand-rub' or a soap, maybe either).
      > I had considered using alcohol in a handwashing solution, possibly
      > mixed with the glycerine that is a by-product of my son's bio-diesel
      > production.
      > Would a mixture giving 50% or a bit higher alcohol by volume be
      > effective? Should other ingredients be used as well, or instead of
      > the glycerine?
      > Given that methanol is poisonous, would it be OK to use heads
      > and/or tails in such a product?
      > If this works it will be a lot cheaper than buying special soap and
      > might be better too.
      > Regards,
      > The Baker
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