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37525Re: [Distillers] What proof is preservative?

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  • Robert Thomas
    Nov 2, 2006
      Hi Richard,
      you'll need much higher %ages and preferably acidic. As an analogy,
      think how easy beer turns to vinegar, and how much more difficult it is
      to have 12% wine go off (it still does though). Alcohol as a sterilant
      swab is usually ca 50% (higher is actually less effective, for reasons
      I won't go into).
      I suppose you are thinking of storing largish quantities, otherwise
      distillation (or even boiling - preferably 2 times with 3 days between
      to kill spores) would be good.

      --- richardt2005 <richardt2005@...> wrote:

      > One of the many hats I wear is doing disaster planning for my
      > company. We've been talking about water storage - adding a few drops
      > of bleach to a gallon of water before putting it on the shelf,
      > replacing it every couple of months, etc.
      > It occurred to me that alcohol is a terrific preservative. Would 1
      > or
      > 2% ABV water keep on the shelf? Or would the concentration have to
      > be
      > higher?


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