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  • miciofelice2003
    Aug 21, 2006
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      Hi Phil.

      Don't mention it.

      I'm glad if you will like the taste of nocino.

      Don't forget to stir some sugar (I'm used to add 150 gr of it per
      lt. of pure alcohol used, but other people use some different
      quantities) with the water you think being enough to dilute the
      alcohol to the alcoholic degree you like (normally 38 - 40 %, but I
      know people that enjoy to drink it at 65 %) and then store in your
      cellar till Christmas (in Italy; in GB you have to wait ... what was
      the delay? Two weeks? O.K. You are allowed to taste that one two
      weeks after Christmas).

      Ciao a tutti

      micio felice

      --- In Distillers@yahoogroups.com, "PhilipWilson" <pgw@...> wrote:
      > I filtered my batch of nocino yesterday, after starting a couple
      of weeks later than the italian
      > calendar to make up for later ripening in the UK. It's thick,
      fragrant stuff, which I hope will
      > mellow some with age.
      > I also tried something I read somewhere else - adding a bottle of
      cheap white wine to the
      > walnuts and spices left over after filtering. Wait for a few
      hours then filter and sweeten to
      > taste for a brown, nocino-flavoured apertif that can be drunk
      now. It's very nice, in an
      > aromatic, bitter sort of way.
      > Thanks, Micio.
      > Phil
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